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A veteran Special Education teacher and leader in Alternative Education, Portia Richardson, has led over 200 professional development workshops and trainings to enhance school and youth development organization climate/culture, effective classroom management, parent/family engagement, restorative justice and social emotional learning. 


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Portia Richardson is the CEO/Founder of Tumaini DC, Inc., a Washington, DC area-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that transforms communities and schools through social and emotional learning resources and experiences for students and adults. Written by Portia Richardson, Tumaini DC offers an evidence-based, Social and Emotional Learning for grades 6-12 curriculum called, The Tumaini Way. 

"The training that Portia Richardson provided for my staff was remarkable. All staff left the training feeling more connected and ready to work as a more effective team. Through the restorative practice training, all of our voices were heard and I felt more prepared to empathize with my staff as their leader. "

Principal jackson

"Portia Richardson has coached my company on effective strategy to break into the educational market, which led to the first pilot of our curriculum in a major school district. Portia is very sharp and a thought leader in the education industry. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that is looking to make impact in their perspective fields. She will become dedicated to your vision and ensure that your needs are met." 

K. Hopkins

"Purpose Coach Portia helped my identify my personal strengths, core values, passions, and spiritual gifts, which led me to reconnected with my life's purpose. I have now launched a child development center, that is rooted in my passion for serving children in disenfranchised communities."

T. Davis

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Portia Richardson started TeacherPreneur University, an exclusive tribe of educators who are ready to leverage their knowledge, skills, ad experience to increase their impact + impact through entrepreneruship.