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I'm Portia Richardson a Curriculum Developer, Author,    Dedicated Social and Emotional Learning Strategist, TeacherPreneur    Coach, and a devoted Community Leader.

For 10 years, I had the luxury of working in comprehensive & alternative educational settings, which sparked my interest in the importance of educating "the whole child". I've witnessed the gaps in our education system and the need for culturally responsive and anti-racist curricula and resources. I wrote the Tumaini Way Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum to provide a comprehensive solution to these pressing problems in education.  As an SEL Strategist, I bridge the gap between research & practice by providing evidence-based professional development and coaching services to educators & practitioners who have a vested interest in a holistic approach to teaching and learning. 

In this quest for revolutionizing the world of education, I witnessed the diversities & hurdles faced by students & families in the pursuit of knowledge. These experiences & diverse student narratives inspired me to embark on a journey that led to the formulation of Tumaini DC – A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that design and facilitate culturally responsive Social and Emotional Learning opportunities for students and adults.

After receiving several inquiries from educators interested in entrepreneurship, I decided to teach all of my strategies, hacks, and tools for leveraging my knowledge, skills, and experience to increase my impact + income through entrepreneurship through TeacherPreneur University.