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One of the most daunting tasks for aspiring founders is properly forming, registering, and obtaining tax-exempt status for their organization. In order to qualify for grants, contracts, partnerships, charitable contributions, and sponsorships, your organization MUST be properly formed, registered, and approved as a charitable and tax-exempt entity by your state and the IRS. This is why aspiring founders and social entrepreneurs join hire Portia Richardson Consulting to handle their non-profit set-up from start to finish.

Portia Richardson Consulting and The Impact Institute will put you in a position to win funding and major partnerships by ensuring your non-profit is properly registered, you are granted tax-exempt status, have articles of incorporation, and bylaws to govern your organization effectively. 

  • New Corporation Formation

  • Legal Structuring

  • New Corporation Registration- Federal & State level

  • Completion of Form 1023 for Tax-Exemption/501(C)(3) approval

  • DUNS Number

  • SAMS Registration

  • ByLaws

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Board Recruitment and Development

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Clapping Audience


  • Fiscal Responsibility and Compliance

  • Strategic Planning

  • Partnerships and Procurement

  • Budget Development and Management

  • Program Development

  • Grant/Proposal Writing

  • Curriculum Development

  • Organizational Climate and Culture

  • Leadership Development

  • Training and Professional Development

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